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Developing Direct Routes to Market


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Ethan Morgan


How to manage product data for B2C success

Increasing direct-to-consumer or B2C sales is a key goal for most consumer goods manufacturers, but many are unsure where to begin. In this series, we’ll be explaining the basic elements that underpin a successful direct-to-consumer project.

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The Amazon eCommerce Dictionary

Selling through Amazon means learning a lot of new information specific to the marketplace platform. To help, we've built this continually updated guide to commonly used terms so that getting through the jungle of content becomes a little easier, and you should find yourself asking "what does [insert acronym here] mean?" just slightly less often.

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How manufacturers are doubling their margins (and winning new business at the same time)

For wholesale-only manufacturers, margin growth is a challenge. Distribution and retail partners push hard to get low buying rates, as they are in turn pressured by shrinking retail margins and lower footfalls in physical stores. 

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The 4 Essentials for Getting Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Right

First and foremost, manufacturers seriously beginning to establish a direct sales channel should have a clear idea of the opportunity and a plan backed by data. (For more info on either of those points, click through to our run-down on each.)

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3 Key Questions to Ask When Planning a Direct-to-Consumer Sales Channel

More and more manufacturers across the consumer goods space are establishing DTC footholds through ecommerce. (If you’re interested in an overview of the direct-to-consumer phenomenon, check out our guide here.)

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eCommerce Roundup: 25th September 2017

Welcome back to our fortnightly roundup of the best bits of news from the ecommerce industry. This week, Amazon make headlines for an awkward reason, retailers are guilty of not knowing their customers, and the best (or biggest) eBay sellers get ranked.

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Walmart Marketplace: The Buyer's Journey

Walmart.com spent 2016 turning around its ecommerce fortunes. It acquired Jet.com, greatly increased the range of products on offer and started ramping up the number of sellers on the marketplace. But what’s it like for buyers to find you on the Walmart marketplace?

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How to get onto Walmart Marketplace

If you’ve been looking through the stats, the commentary, the facts and the figures about Walmart Marketplace and licking your lips with anticipation, then there’s just one massive question to cover.

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eCommerce Roundup: 11th September 2017

The biggest news from the world of ecommerce, every two weeks. This edition features eBay, Amazon, Walmart & more!

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Thinking about Walmart Marketplace? Ask these 3 questions.

In a previous post we explored the Walmart opportunity. It sounds great, but what are the key points to consider?

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