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Winning with Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and Volo - Part 3

In our previous posts in this series on Seller Fulfilled Prime, we first shared our thoughts on how the programme came about, what the benefits are of Seller Fulfilled Prime and how you can join the programme.  Then we explored how to assess whether Seller Fulfilled Prime was right for your business based on a range of different seller scenarios. If you're with us so far, in this post we’re going to delve into the detail and find out what it takes to win big in the programme. Spoiler alert: we will be talking about how the Volo Commerce platform can help you do this.

Winning is what it’s all about: winning the Buy Box from other sellers, some of who might be Amazon FBA sellers, or Amazon itself; winning on sales growth and winning on profitability through focusing on the right things. Some sellers are already doing just that. Here’s a word or two from No1Brands4You , a Volo customer and early pioneer of Seller Fulfilled Prime:

"We were early into Seller Fulfilled Prime, having been approached by Amazon at the end of 2015. It’s been huge for us, an important part of our Amazon strategy. Obviously, it’s key that you maintain your performance metrics to keep the Prime badge. Being able to centralise our operations through the Volo platform, coupled with the visibility we get from the analytics, has really enabled us to stay on top of our game."

Martin McEwing, eCommerce Manager, No1Brands4You 


Seller Fulfilled Prime Checklist

You’ve got to be in it to win in it as they say, and to be in the programme, generally speaking, sellers need to meet the following requirements (you can read much more on Seller Fulfilled Prime programme eligibility and requirements in Amazon Seller Central, though you’ll need an account to view the content) :

  • Have a warehouse in mainland UK, for Seller Fulfilled Prime on Amazon.co.uk (although they don’t support all postcodes and have patchy coverage in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland)
  • Are willing to palletise your goods for collection with Amazon Logistics
  • Are shipping more than 50 orders a day through the Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)
  • Are happy to purchase shipping from Amazon Logistics to deliver the goods
  • Have great performance ratings


Great data and analytics

To win at Seller Fulfilled Prime, you’ve got to have great product data. Great data on how your business is really performing. The fewer items you make available for Prime, the less work you have to do to organise the data you get from your suppliers, optimise your listings for Amazon, and publish them to the marketplace. Good suppliers with good data feeds make integration and day-to-day operations so much easier. Make sure the products you choose for Amazon Prime are the right ones (this post will help you decide).

Knowledge is power, especially accurate knowledge of your business operations. Knowing which items are selling fast, how fast they’re selling, and exactly what profit you're making on them is key. Our Vision reporting and analytics module helps give you the best idea of which items are the best for Seller Fulfilled Prime. One Volo advantage is that we integrate multi channel ecommerce processes into one platform. When all your processes are under the one hood you can get a complete view of your business performance. Great analytics gives you the information you need on your Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime sales and profitability so you can make good decisions.


Winning on process and productivity

OK, so this is the slightly more technical side of things, but it’s also dear to your wallet or purse too. We’ve just talked about integration, and to that we need to add automation. Once those orders start flooding in, you're going to need to separate them out, do pick-lists, pick them, print invoices and labels, pack them, label them and ship them, all in time to meet Amazon’s super-stringent demands. The more automated and integrated your processes, the fast your order processing time, the lower your costs, the greater your profits. Consider these 3 Seller Fulfilled Prime scenarios in the order fulfilment and shipping phase.



At Volo Commerce, we support a very broad range of fully integrated courier offerings. This is because our customers use many different partners to ship many different products from many different channels to many different places. When Amazon Logistics can't deliver your Prime order, you can use one of your other integrated couriers. You can simply switch couriers on screen and print, thereby cutting down order processing times to help you hit your metrics.



With the Volo system, you can choose to auto-pack your items and pre-purchase labels for faster order processing and lower packing costs. Seller Fulfilled Prime also works with Volo's barcode scanner-centric packing solution, so you can pack items into packages and get your Amazon labels accurately and quickly.


Integrated labelling

The Volo system supports integrated labels for Seller Fulfilled Prime and many other couriers. Why waste pick-lists when you can print your label and your invoice in a single print? You can pick from the invoice, peel off the label, put the invoice in the box, pack the box and label it. As well as time, you're saving on paper and recycling, since there are no redundant pick-lists to dispose of.


If you'd like to learn more about Seller Fulfilled Prime and find out if it's right for you contact us on 0203 856 1999