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E-Commerce Round-up: January 11th 2017

Welcome to our brief round-up of the key news and updates for e-commerce retailers. If you're looking to keep your finger on the pulse without spending hours trawling across sites or flooding your inbox with newsletters, you're in the right spot. So without further ado, here are our picks for the stories you need to know about.

E-commerce predictions for 2017 – Web Retailer

This piece includes a prediction from Volo CEO Paul Watson, amongst other e-commerce luminaries. There’s a lot of interesting ideas here, but the key thing people agree on is the vital importance of marketplaces and their continuing dominance.

"...in 2017 we expect to see an increasing number of online retailers focusing on the consumer experience and putting their efforts into offering seamless shopping." - CEO, Paul Watson e-commerce leader, Volo CEO Paul Watson

Amazon’s operations robots – Tamebay

We all know Amazon has an insane capacity for fulfilment, but 45,000 robots is still incredible. With 2 billion orders fulfilled last year, FBA offers huge advantages for customers and potentially sellers too.

Shopify and Amazon Marketplace – Tamebay

We’ve already spoken about the potential and dominance of marketplaces, but don’t take our word for it. Webstore providers are also getting into the game: Shopify are just the latest to start the process of creating a basic integration with Amazon.

Christmas Shopping Online – Internet Retailing

E-commerce seems to be creeping ever deeper into our habitual shopping, as indicated by the increasingly online nature of traditional peak seasons like Christmas.

The First Mobile Christmas - Internet Retailing

Similarly, m-commerce was a dominant concern for retailers in 2016 and that looks to be continuing into 2017 with a strong mobile showing for Christmas sales. (Find out how to get your website ready for mobile custom in 2017 here.)

Growth Goals – Digital Doughnut

Our customer success expert Dan Burnham wrote about the importance of setting targets and agreeing metrics for your business in 2017. Our award-winning Vision reporting software allows you to set or import your own personalised targets for the calendar year, and gives you insight into the key metrics you’ll measure success by.

New eBay Sourcing Tool – eBay

eBay have just released their Sourcing Guidance tool in the Seller hub, which could possibly allow you to find products you can out-compete current sellers on (for example.) For those disappointed by Terapeak’s competitor analysis changes - you can no longer view seller ids to determine who the actual sellers are - this might go a little way towards filling that gap.

If you think we've missed anything, or if you're looking for guidance or software for your e-commerce business, feel free to get in touch.