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eCommerce Round-up: February 9th 2017

Welcome back once again for our third ecommerce roundup of 2017, this week featuring an array of news including a bunch of fulfilment-based stories, a sprinkle of peak period information, and more than a hint of general marketplace updates. We're bringing the most important news to ecommerce retailers, suppliers and workers.

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Walmart ditch their Prime competitor – Internet Retailer
Walmart have realised they can’t beat Amazon at their own game, and have retired their Prime-esque shipping program. However, they are still pushing free shipping for over 2 million items and have lowered the minimum order by $15 to $35.

The IR UK Top 500 eCommerce Retailers – Internet Retailing

Internet Retailing release their index of the top 500 UK ecommerce retailers – and it’s great to see Volo customers throughout the list.

FedEx Target eCommerce SMEs for Growth – Tamebay

US logistics giant FedEx move to target the same market as Amazon’s FBA program, with a near-identical fulfilment program of their own.

Amazon Sold 60 Million Fashion Items in Q4 2016 - Tamebay

Apparel and clothing has been a strong vertical for Amazon through its retail and marketplace offerings for a while, and these numbers drive home the incredible volume of transactions taking place, particularly in peak periods.

The Evolution of Click and Collect – Econsultancy

Click&Collect services are a crucial part of marketplace and general ecommerce offerings – consumers want to be able to choose where they pick up their precious purchases. For those working 5 days a week, being able to drop in and grab a parcel at the station, at a shop, or at a dropoff point on the way home beats a weekend trek to the post office depot to catch missed deliveries.

paul watson"Your first step should be analysis. Lots of analysis. Any information you can gather to assess the past performance of each product category in your inventory will benefit you during the next peak period." - Volo CEO, Paul Watson

Maximising Peak Periods – Womenswear Buyer
Volo CEO Paul Watson dispenses peak period tips for ecommerce retailers. The key points: stay adaptable, use data, and make sure your customer service is on point.

Amazon Are Building an Airport in Kentucky – Forbes
What do you do when even your giant logistics capacity is straining to match the demand your marketplace generates? Well, you spend $1.5 billion building your own airport hub.

Cross Border Trading – DHL
This is one from our Twitter trawls: a great infographic from DHL detailing the benefits and numbers behind crossborder trade.

French eCommerce was Worth 72 Billion in 2016 – eCommerce News
Speaking of international selling, French ecommerce tipped over the €70 billion mark for the first time last year. With homegrown marketplaces like Cdiscount and Priceminister as well as eBay and Amazon localised sites, the French public are definitely warming up to ecommerce.

Amazon and PayPal in Payment Talks - Tamebay
It appears Amazon may be moving towards offering PayPal as a payment method, enabling customers who are reluctant to release their bank details out into the internet to checkout smoothly.

And finally...

eBay adds 2 Million Customers in Q4 2016
eBay’s Q4 2016 reporting was released last week, and the numbers are encouraging: reaching 167 million worldwide buyers is impressive, as is the GMV stat: $22.3 billion in sales across the quarter. The marketplaces growth trend shows no signs of stopping soon.

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