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eCommerce Round-up: March 7th 2017

Waste less time scouring Twitter and flooding your inbox every day - the Volo eCommerce Roundup has you covered for the most important ecommerce news from the last two weeks.

eBay Spring Seller Update 2017 - eBay

Kicking things off, eBay released their Spring Seller Update last week. It features:

• Minor alterations to store fees

• 3rd party product ads finally disappearing (and being replaced by actual eBay listing ads!)

• More stringent parcel tracking qualifications for Top Rated Seller status

• Top Rated Sellers' fee discount halved

See below for the fee changes - you can find all the update information from eBay here.

spring seller update store fees

These aren't massive changes, but with the exception of the removal of 3rd party product ads, serious high-volume eBay sellers will find margins at least slightly eroded.

February eCommerce and Physical Retail Results - Internet Retailing

Online retail has shown somewhat slow but steady growth in February. This may be partially down to Mother's Day moving later in March, so less of the spending generated from the event lands in February this year.

In physical retail, growth was sluggish, and actually tipped into decline once newly opened stores are removed from the data.

Crossborder eCommerce Steady Despite Shocks - eMarketer

In spite of global economic shocks after Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the US, UK ecommerce sellers have tended towards confidence in their crossborder activities. More said that crossborder sales increased post-Brexit than those who experienced a drop in sales.

crossborder ecommerce brexit

Of course, the weakened pound after June 2016 benefited exporters significantly, and long term structural effects are yet to come. However, for the time being UK ecommerce exporters seem confident.

2016's Trends in mCommerce & Parcel Tracking - eCommerce Nation

October 2016 brought the news that mobile pageviews had overtaken desktop. mCommerce is always at the forefront of industry discussions, but how many consumers really prefer shopping on mobile?

Survey data also shows that British crossborder ecommerce customers were the least likely to be offered any form of parcel tracking, though with Amazon and eBay both viewing parcel tracking as a strategic priority, expect this data to change in 2017.

Amazon are Disrupting the Auto Industry - Brandchannel

Amazon have launched Amazon Vehicles, a research portal competing directly with the likes of AutoTrader. It's not their first step into the automotive sector - recently, you could book a new Hyundai for test drive via Prime (as long as you lived in California.)

amazon vehicles automotive

While some of this might seem frivolous, as usual with Amazon there is an underlying objective - this time, they're going after eBay's hold on the aftermarket auto parts market.

Amazon Vehicle links directly to Amazon Automotive, where browsers can actually buy car parts and accessories.

PayPal Exceeds 200 Million Active Accounts - eCommerceBytes

Online payments giant PayPal announced that they broke the 200 million barrier last week. They will be looking to leverage their impressive reach in their negotiations with Amazon.

Parcel Locker Market Worth $800 Million Worldwide - eDelivery

Apex Insight have produced a report showing the massive popularity and value of parcel lockers worldwide. As the article notes, it's not yet massive in the UK, but elsewhere consumers, couriers and retailers alike see the benefits.

How Multiple Shipping Options Can Speed Up Your Sales - eBay

To illustrate the value of solutions such as click and collect parcel lockers, this eBay post highlights the fact that offering multiple shipping options boosts sales 10%.

That kind of sales boost could be a really quick win for a lot of sellers who currently don't offer a wide range of shipping options when it comes to the checkout.

ebay best practice ebook

Wondering if your eBay account can be optimised in other ways too? Check out our free ebook on eBay Best Practice.

That's it for us for this edition. Let us know in the comments or on social if we've missed a big story! We release a round-up of ecommerce news every fortnight, so stay tuned for more.