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EU Consumer Rights Directive – what you need to know

Hopefully you knew that a new EU Consumer Rights Directive came into force in June. But if you’re still waiting to get round to implementing the changes, or you’re not sure exactly what it means to your business, here’s a handy quick reference guide from Volo:

Order button – This will now explicitly show the customer is entering into a contract.

Ticked boxes – Automatically ticked boxes are no longer allowed - you’ll now need to use marketing to upsell, not the check-out process.

Right to cancel – The ‘cooling off period’ has extended to 14 days, from the current seven.

Refunds – Refunds will have to be made within 14 days of receiving the goods, including the cost of delivery.
We strongly recommend you train and support staff with these changes to ensure your customer experience is maintained. If you need further support, eSellerPro can help or you can visit EU Consumer Rights Directive for more detail of the changes.

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