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Website Best Practice, Part 3: Order Confirmation

It's not the most intriguing bit of a webstore, but you could be missing a vital opportunity if you believe the order confirmation page is the end of the line on an ecommerce site.

Sure, you’ve got the customer to purchase goods - which is after all the purpose of your site - but could they have bought additional items? What could help them to become a returning customer too?

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of the confirmation.

ebay-order-confirmationMake the journey to the sale as smooth as possible: let the order confirmation page share the load.


The most obvious suggestion is to highlight matching or complementary items to those the customer has just ordered. For instance, if they’ve purchased a coffee machine you could highlight your range of espresso cups.

Another way to do this is to share items that other customers with similar baskets also bought. This is a good way to single out certain products that the purchaser may have not known were available, but also creates a level of trust with them as they realise you aren’t spamming them with this information pre-sale.

Create an account

Although your ordering form may seem simple to you, some people find buying online a rather stressful experience. They are fearful of making a mistake, misspelling an address or accidentally ordering the wrong thing.

That’s why adding the option to create an account and save their details after a purchase can be the more fruitful option. It means less to worry about before they buy – for instance what their username or password should be – and also shows them you’re trying to help make the process simpler on their return.

Promote your social media

Offering your customers the option to share their latest purchase through various social media outlets not only allows their friends to find out about your company, it also showcases your own social media accounts.

This helps to ensure the customer stays up-to-date with your company, along with the secondary benefits of others discovering about more about your site – for free! People are also more likely to trust the site if they see others in their friendship group have bought items from it.


Social can be your friend: remind customers to share, at the point where they are the most excited about your product - just after buying it.

Showcase your content

Good ecommerce sites are not just places to buy items, they should offer more value to the customer. Having a section filled with inspiration guides or how-to content can be a great way to attract new clientele, along with keeping users on your site and away from the ‘back’ button.

Offering free information with no pressure to buy your goods or services also makes customers feel valued and helps to build a trusting relationship. Let’s say you own a furniture company - videos showcasing how to assemble the item, or an article on creating a particular style all help to improve your relationship with the customer, and make them increasingly likely to buy from you.

What’s more, content which doesn’t include your product listings is a great way to increase your SEO, and could allow for people searching for a guide or help to also find your website.

Get feedback

Many users report that overlay boxes are one of the most annoying forms of advertising on the web, with a number also recording them as spam. This technique is often used to try and ask users to fill out feedback forms, but could actually turn potential customers away from your site.

The order confirmation page is a good place to ask for a review not only from this perspective, but also because they can then assess the buying process and share tips on how it could be improved.

Invite them to your newsletter

Remembering to hassle your customers as little as possible along the purchasing process, the final page is a great place to invite them to sign up to your newsletter. This could be included in the account creation process, or you could offer both to your users alongside each other.

The main benefit of including it on this page is the increased amount of space available to declare the benefits of signing up, sharing perhaps regular features or alerting them how to be first in the know of future discounts.


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