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Developing Direct Routes to Market


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Inventory and Stock Control - Part 1: Working on Inventory & Stock Control in ecommerce

What are the weapons at your disposal to increase your revenues? Assuming you have the best possible ecommerce listings, prices and shipping terms for your items, you could increase the breadth of inventory on offer. You can do this by buying more inventory or using the inventory of a drop-shipper to increase your range. You could also make the inventory you have, virtual or otherwise, available in more places. It’s the same when talking about stock control. The difference is that it’s being offered by more marketplaces and being seen by more potential buyers.

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Inventory Breadth - Part 3: How Volo Customers Got Great at Inventory Breadth

When you get great at inventory breadth, you can grow your revenues more effectively. Volo helps companies grow their sales and average order values. We do this through intelligent supplier sourcing and automating inventory management processes. We've previously spoken about how to get great at inventory breadth. In this post, some of our customers touch on the benefits of getting great inventory breadth.

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How to prepare your retail business for Christmas 2015

by Rosy Barraclough, Netmatter

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Inventory Breadth - Part 2: How to get great at Inventory Breadth

Volo has been providing technology and expertise in multi channel ecommerce for 9 years now. Over time we’ve accumulated a lot of software functionality and industry best practice in all the key areas, including inventory breadth. When it comes to sourcing, we advise you to deliberately set regular time aside to source new suppliers. When you’re running an ecommerce business, it’s easy to get sucked into the daily operations. Devoting time to find good, innovative products at great prices is crucial for sales growth and profitability.

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Inventory Breadth - Part 1: Working on Inventory Breadth for Ecommerce Growth

Being able to increase your inventory breadth successfully means being able to command a breadth of different skills, both quality- and quantity-related.

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Channel Coverage - Part 3: How Volo Customers Became Great at Channel Coverage

When your channel coverage is great, you can build your ecommerce business quickly and spread your risk across the different places where you sell. Volo's multichannel ecommerce software helps companies grow their sales sustainably through leveraging the right ecommerce channels and maximising stock availability.

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Channel Coverage - Part 2: Getting Great at Channel Coverage in ecommerce

In our most recent post we talked about the challenges of getting your ecommerce channel coverage right. For many Volo customers, the addition of a second channel proves too much for the company to rely on the mainly manual processes that have served them well so far. The opportunities of selling stock on a second channel far outweigh the costs of enlisting some outside expertise in the form of technology and know-how. Companies find that trying to save money by taking a DIY approach means they can’t grow their sales and profits as quickly and steadily as they would like.

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Channel Coverage - Part 1: Working on Channel Coverage for Ecommerce Growth

What preoccupies you the most in your ecommerce business? On a day-to-day basis the two things at the top of your list might be getting the orders out and keeping your customers happy. Or maybe it’s a case of getting the orders in and keeping your suppliers happy! But when you get a chance to step back from the business for a few moments, perhaps you start to think about your business as a whole, what you want to do with it next quarter and where you want to be with it this time next year. Is it time to start thinking about channel coverage.

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Listing Quality - Part 3: How Volo Customers Became Great at Listing Quality

When you get great at listing quality, you can grow your business more effectively. Volo helps companies grow their sales through high quality data and the swift, efficient listing of items. Our last post spoke about best practices for getting great at Listing Quality. In this third post on the Listing Quality lever you can pull for ecommerce growth, we’ve assembled a range of Volo customers across categories. We then asked them for their view on this important lever for ecommerce growth.

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Listing Quality - Part 2: Getting Great at Listing Quality in eCommerce

In our second post in this series on getting great at listing quality, we focus on images, mobile and search rankings.

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