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Developing Direct Routes to Market


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Fulfilment & Dispatch - Part 3: How Volo Customers Got Great at Fulfilment & Dispatch

In our previous post, we spoke about best practices in fulfilment and dispatch. When you’re great at fulfilment and dispatch, you reduce costs with streamlined processes and the right manual interventions. Volo helps companies improve efficiencies through the integration of couriers and aggregators and rules-based automated workflows. In this post some Volo customers who have benefited from getting great at fulfilment and dispatch talk about their experiences.

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Fulfilment & Dispatch - Part 2: Becoming Great at Fulfilment & Dispatch in eCommerce

At Volo, we have been working with our customers since 2006 to fine-tune their fulfilment and dispatch processes. Over this time we have accumulated a range of best practices and procedures which we pass on to our new customers to help them cut time, costs and mistakes out of their operations. This post shares some of our experiences in this critical area.

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Fulfilment & Dispatch - Part 1: Fulfilment & Dispatch in ecommerce

When a customer buys, they've placed their trust in you. This might be the first time they have transacted with you. Perhaps they bought from your website, via a marketplace like eBay or Amazon, or perhaps through a social shopping email like Groupon or Living Social. Either way, the point of purchase is the time of highest risk for the customer. They are committing their hard-earned money to you. They've submitted their payment, they've received an order number and hopefully a confirmation email. For them, the waiting starts and the fulfilment process begins.

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Customer Service for ecommerce businesses - ChannelReply blog

by Justin Goldschneider

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Purchasing - Part 3: How Volo Customers became great at Purchasing

Successful companies have powerful, flexible and accurate supplier information and take advantage of rules-based automatic re-ordering with manual over-rides. When you’re great at purchasing, you have great supplier choice, get great prices and you accurately manage your returns and costs. Volo helps companies improve purchasing efficiencies through intelligent workflows and the joining up of supplier information, ordering and accounting systems, all in one multi channel software.  In this post we showcase 3 Volo customers who reaped the benefits of their purchasing power.

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Purchasing - Part 2: Getting Great at Purchasing in ecommerce

In our previous post we shared the challenges the ecommerce manager or business owner might face to stay close to suppliers and purchase and sales data in order to make the best possible orders and re-orders.  This post imparts some of Volo’s expertise we’ve been able to amass from working with customers to improve their purchasing in ecommerce.

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Purchasing - Part 1: Purchasing in ecommerce

When it comes to managing your costs, is there anything more important than the purchasing price you pay for your products? The majority of companies in multi channel ecommerce businesses are buying products from suppliers which they then sell on to their customers.  They’re not manufacturing them. In many cases then, the price you pay for an item – which you need to sell on at a considerable margin in order to make money at the end of the day – is your single most substantial cost. The other costs that turn your gross margin into net margin pale by comparison.

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Promotions - Part 3: How Volo Customers Got Great at Promotions

How have Volo customers got great at promotions?

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Promotions - Part 2: Getting Great at Promotions in ecommerce

In our last post we talked about the potential of getting great at promotions. You’re responsible for managing your own promotions in your physical store and your website presences, but there are other channels for you to consider for placing offers. As you might imagine, the giant multi channel marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are very well versed in the power to harness good deals. Daily Deals, Amazon and eBay Promotions Manager are all geared to help sellers move more products on each specific marketplace.

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Promotions - Part 1: Working on Promotions in ecommerce

Promotions have been a key device for encouraging additional sales over the decades, so how can multi channel ecommerce retailers in this ultra-competitive ecommerce marketplace use them to achieve their target levels of growth?

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