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Developing Direct Routes to Market


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Listing Quality - Part 1: You are what you list: Listing Quality in eCommerce

You are what you list. It’s as breathtakingly simple as that. For your customers to engage in a transaction with you and buy one or more of your products, they have to see them. In order to see them, they have to be able to find them. In order for your customers to find them, your listing quality has to be great.

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Maximize Your Sales this Black Friday

It’s early November and you hear a Christmas carol blasting from the speakers in Starbucks. You’ve barely finished carving pumpkins and choosing your Halloween costume and already the lights are going up on Oxford Street. The days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting colder. The Holiday Season has officially begun--are you ready for it? Every year the holiday shopping season seems to start earlier and earlier. These days it  all kicks off with Black Friday, the iconic U.S. shopping holiday which recently hopped the pond to much fanfare.

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From Our House to Yours – Fulfilment & Dispatch in eCommerce

If you’re in the ecommerce business, your focus is on sales growth, profitability and building your bank of satisfied and repeat customers. Say you've ordered in various products and they’re in your warehouse, or maybe you have your drop-ship partner on standby. An order comes in for one or more items. Your job now is to get the order from your house, to your customer’s house, as efficiently as possible.

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Categories, GTINs and Fitment changes announced in UK Seller Release

eBay (as part of their eBay seller release) are making some changes to help make the platform more consistent across the globe. The changes, which were announced in the eBay UK Seller Release include: Category Changes, GTINs and Fitment changes.

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Two releases you might have missed from Amazon and eBay

Updates on two marketplace releases that might have passed you by...

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Amazon FBA fee changes designed to simplify ecommerce selling

Tamebay reported today that Amazon FBA fees are changing. The online marketplace says that these changes will be designed to simplify selling across Amazon’s EU marketplaces (as well as lower fees for many items sold on Amazon UK).

There will be no actual fee increase, rather a simplification of fee structure. Not only this, but in many cases the fees will be cheaper to help you to sell around the EU. MCI (Multi- Country Inventory) fees for France, Italy and Spain have been significantly reduced, helping multichannel ecommerce sellers exporting into Europe.

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Make Your Money Work Harder: Ecommerce Reporting & Analysis

Being able to analyse and report on how your business is doing can be challenging. Many people running an ecommerce business are simply too stuck in the day-to-day operations to be able to do this.  It becomes a struggle to think more than a few days ahead, especially when there are the daily headaches to solve and fires to fight. The urgent takes priority over the important.

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How much is enough? – Channel Coverage in ecommerce

If you’re listing products on one channel, perhaps your website, or Amazon or eBay, you probably consider yourself to be an expert on that platform. You know its rules, how it operates and how to be successful on it. Unfortunately, you should be aware of what might happen if there’s a problem and it stops working for you. To avoid this scenario, you could look at making your stock available on a second ecommerce channel. You can spread your risk between the two channels and get some balance. That sounds easy, but this second channel is different. It works in a different way. You have to start from scratch to learn it, which takes time, money and sweat, all of which you could be expending on your single channel.

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The ecommerce buying process: creating a great experience

You're missing a vital opportunity if you believe the order confirmation page is the end of the line on an ecommerce site. Could customers have bought additional items in the buying process? What could help them to return to buy a product again? Here are some helpful tips to get the most potential out of the page.

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The Amazon Opportunity

“We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we've stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.” Jeff Bezos- CEO of Amazon

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