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Developing Direct Routes to Market


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What do the Top 500 UK retailers excel at?

InternetRetailing has recently published its annual Top 500 UK Retailers – companies currently leading the multichannel ecommerce sector in best practices, successful retail strategies and emerging market trends.

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Six tips for driving traffic to your online store

Are your Amazon and eBay sales going through the roof but your website sales lagging behind? Your website isn’t going to bring in sales on its own, so you need to invest in marketing and importantly, driving traffic to your site. Here’s how you can make your website fit for purpose...

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eCommerce Roundup: Friday 19th May

African ecommerce shoppers get access to eBay listings, an exciting potential disruptor emerges in the warehousing space, and Amazon reveal their new Echo hardware. Welcome to the Volo eCommerce Roundup - the industry news you might have missed from the last fortnight.

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5 Steps to Better Inventory Management

Inventory and stock control is one of the toughest challenges you’ll continue to face over the lifetime of your business. You have to judge what your customers want, how much they need and when they need it – all without you having significant excess stock, and avoiding overselling.

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3 Ways Voice-Controlled Technology Could Transform eCommerce Business Processes

In the race to create “the operating system of the home”, one horse is leading the pack. The Echo Show, announced recently, is already the fourth instalment in Amazon’s series of voice-controlled tech goodies.

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5 Changes for eBay Sellers in the UK Spring Seller Update

Earlier this year, eBay released the Spring Seller Update for the US site (check out the details here). Now, they’ve released the UK edition. So what exactly does it mean for ecommerce businesses using eBay as a sales channel?

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eCommerce Roundup: Friday 5th May

Happy Cinco de Mayo, and welcome to the Volo eCommerce Roundup. This week, Marc Lore talks weakness versus Amazon, Shopify keeps growing, Amazon tweak their ASINs, mCommerce stats are incredible, and eBay hit the Hill with sellers.

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Sell More on eBay: Getting Item Specifics Right

If you’re struggling for organic search ranking on eBay, it’s hard to drive increased revenue. However, you might be fighting an uphill battle without knowing it or needing to.

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6 Ways to Win at Inventory Management for Amazon FBA

Your FBA inventory might be out of sight, but it should never be out of mind. Here's a guest blog from RefundsManager, FBA specialists. 

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The D2C Adventure – How Brands Benefit By Exploring Multichannel

Brands are increasingly employing a direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy, if a recent report by InternetRetailing – Brand Index 2017: Direct-selling brands in Europe – is anything to go by. Approaches to D2C selling vary widely however, and for brands who are not experienced in the area and have traditionally been a supplier to retail chains, it can seem a mountain to climb.

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