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How to manage product data for B2C success

Increasing direct-to-consumer or B2C sales is a key goal for most consumer goods manufacturers, but many are unsure where to begin. In this series, we’ll be explaining the basic elements that underpin a successful direct-to-consumer project.

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How manufacturers are doubling their margins (and winning new business at the same time)

For wholesale-only manufacturers, margin growth is a challenge. Distribution and retail partners push hard to get low buying rates, as they are in turn pressured by shrinking retail margins and lower footfalls in physical stores. 

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The 4 Essentials for Getting Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Right

First and foremost, manufacturers seriously beginning to establish a direct sales channel should have a clear idea of the opportunity and a plan backed by data. (For more info on either of those points, click through to our run-down on each.)

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3 Key Questions to Ask When Planning a Direct-to-Consumer Sales Channel

More and more manufacturers across the consumer goods space are establishing DTC footholds through ecommerce. (If you’re interested in an overview of the direct-to-consumer phenomenon, check out our guide here.)

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