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Developing Direct Routes to Market


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Six tips for driving traffic to your online store

Are your Amazon and eBay sales going through the roof but your website sales lagging behind? Your website isn’t going to bring in sales on its own, so you need to invest in marketing and importantly, driving traffic to your site. Here’s how you can make your website fit for purpose...

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Website Best Practice, Part 6: Architecture and Design

Information architecture is all about two things: your business, and the user.

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Web Best Practice, Part 5: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So far, our Web Best Practice series has taken you through designing a great site for mobile, tablet and desktop users, making sure their experience is consistent and useful, tuning up your order process with a smart order confirmation page, and writing the best copy about your product. Now it's time to draw in the audience by adopting the Best Practices for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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Website Best Practice, Part 4: Writing Content

We touched on the topic of creating content last week in our order confirmation page blog. Sometimes, customers may want to know more about a product than its on-site description can give them. Writing about your products in other media can help to increase sales, as you appeal indirectly to the customer.

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Website Best Practice, Part 3: Order Confirmation

It's not the most intriguing bit of a webstore, but you could be missing a vital opportunity if you believe the order confirmation page is the end of the line on an ecommerce site.

Sure, you’ve got the customer to purchase goods - which is after all the purpose of your site - but could they have bought additional items? What could help them to become a returning customer too?

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of the confirmation.

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BigCommerce Vs. Magento – What’s right for your business?

This week we're featuring a guest blog from Mothercloud's Catherine Durham. Mothercloud are our go-to integration solution for ecommerce retailers. Their any-point integration provides Volo users with a near real-time integration for Magento, BigCommerce and and many more.

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Website Best Practice, Part 1: Responsive Web Design

You may have heard the buzz about responsive web design following the Google update in 2015 which punished websites that weren’t mobile friendly. Suddenly those with separate mobile sites were left rushing about to make alterations or change to a responsive design. But just what is a responsive design – and why should we all be adapting this change?

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