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Developing Direct Routes to Market


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Brands launching in China must consider these 4 gatekeepers

More than 130 UK brands got involved with China’s Single’s Day shopping festival in 2017. In 2018, expect to see that number increase as British brands find their footing in this new market and invest further to hedge against threats at home from drying up High Street revenues and the threat of Brexit. Selling into China is increasingly inching up the agenda for boards around the UK and Europe.

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Building Customer Engagement into a Business Model

Quality customer engagement and customer loyalty drive obvious benefits like increased revenue, better understanding of demand for products and the viability of new products/ventures, as well as better targeting. Selling direct to consumers puts customers at the forefront of all activities, which is why 75% of surveyed brands adopting the model see significant improvements in customer engagement and loyalty.

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Is there a "right" way for brands to retail directly to consumers?

The industry debate around the direct-to-consumer model focuses on unicorn brands like Dollar Shave Club, but the model which was so successful for Dollar Shave Club is not a one-size-fits-all approach to retailing direct-to-consumer. 

This article is an excerpt from our eBook: Maximise your retail potential

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These 4 Brands Are Essential to Understanding Direct-to-Consumer Retail

In this excerpt from our new ebook, How Apparel Brands Are Proactively Protecting Themselves from Rogue Resellers, we cover how 4 apparel and fashion brands are making a difference through their direct-to-consumer projects.

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How Apparel Brands are Using Amazon to Change Their Business Model

In this excerpt from our latest eBook, we cover why apparel brands and manufacturers are increasingly seeking direct routes to market, especially when they want to recover or protect their brand value and image.

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Amazon’s Growing Fashion Business – What Apparel Brands Need to Know

Amazon’s moves to increase its share of the apparel market have received serious attention in the last six months, and rightly so. According to research by Coresight Research, Amazon is the second most-shopped apparel retailer in America, driven by the loyalty and frequent custom of Prime members.

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