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Developing Direct Routes to Market


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How to Prepare for Peak as an Online Retailer

As summer continues to fly past, canny ecommerce businesses have their eyes on winter already. To get the best out of the end-of-year upswing in demand, you’ve got to be prepared. Here’s how that breaks down for online retailers.

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Why are online retailers preparing for Christmas already?

Christmas, and peak trading time in general, is more important than ever before for online retail strategy. That applies no matter what size of business you run. With December shipping volumes nearly twice as high as those in June, it’s no wonder that over half of business owners plan to begin preparing for peak before September.

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Online Retail Dominates Easter Peak

For some, Easter was great, and for others it was just a slight improvement over last year. What the latest figures from several industry reports and data from Volo's own platform did reveal was how online channels continue to dominate consumer spending at Easter.

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How is Black Friday Affecting the eCommerce Industry?

In the past three years, we’ve seen Black Friday become the biggest peak period for online retailing.

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